Hi, I’m Rachel Elizabeth, the face of Lizzyshomemade. I’m a full-time mum from Birmingham who enjoys  making pretty vintage and retro style handmade gifts. My inspiration includes anything colourful, Cath Kidston fabrics, and the colour pink!

If you would like to contact me then my email address is: lizzyrobinson8@gmail.com

Latest blog posts

A Vintage Dress

I love vintage clothes. The excitement of searching for that special skirt, top, dress at vintage fairs! Then the disappointment when a size 10 which is what you are now bears absolutely no resemblance to a size 10 back in the day. You take a size 10 fifties style dress to the changing rooms to…

New Sewing Room!

Happy Sewing! My Christmas present to myself was a long awaited garden office. I actually ordered it in September, so it was an early Christmas present really! It didn’t arrive until November and it has taken ages to sort things out. The office had to be insulated as it was too cold to work, despite…

Menopause – A New Beginning!

Late last year, I attended a yoga workshop focusing on the menopause, run by Barefoot Yoga. I am afraid that I have reached “that age!”. I have been reading up on the perimenopause and menopause over the past year or so and have tried to take note of ideas and have adapted my diet and…

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