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Crinoline Lady China

IMG_0750 IMG_0751





I think that I am obsessed by crinoline lady crockery.  My weekends seem to consist of visiting vintage or antique shops or even better, if a vintage fair is on that weekend.  I think it all started with my mum collecting Crinoline Lady china, generally produced by Sadlerware.  Everytime anyone went on holiday we would scour antique shops for anything resembling the pretty crinoline lady.  Over the years she amassed all sorts of items, from teapots to teacups and jam servers to cake stands.  Even now I still see the occasional piece of crockery.  The trouble is that I can’t remember what items I have!  Some treasured pieces are on display at home, but there are a few items that are stored in the loft.  I keep meaning to make an inventory, but never seem to get round to it!

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Pink, retro and typewriters!


I saw this in a shop in Derbyshire and fell in love with the baby blue colour.  It’s an old Imperial 200 typewriter, all in full working order as far as I can see, although I haven’t tried it out yet.  This lovely thing currently takes pride of place upon my mum’s old welsh dresser, now adorned in Annie Sloan baby blue paint.  They are a match made in heaven.

IMG_0725My Kenwood Patissier pink mixer!  It goes very well in my retro kitchen with my pink Smeg fridge!  I love looking at it when I am cooking plus it’s a great time saver when I’m making cakes (which happens to be quite often!).  I remember growing up in a kitchen with a well used and well loved Kenwood Chef.  It wasn’t pink though!

IMG_0339Ah, the delightful Miss Penelope Pitstop.  My canvas of Penelope hangs above the TV, so when I’m bored with watching programmes, I can reminisce about my childhood favourite and how I always wanted to be like her. Any visitors to my house tend to go straight for her in amazement!  To my delight, my son now loves Wacky Races!

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Hexagonal Pincushion

IMG_0653Here are a few of my hexagonal pincushions.

This is a spotty pink one with a cherry fabric in the middle, which I think helps it stand out more.

This is a retro 1950s one.

IMG_0642I love this fabric so much that i’ve made a 1950’s A-line skirt out of it too!




A Cath Kidston designed fabric.IMG_0603 The outer hexagons are made from the pink Cath fabric, designed for Ikea and the inner is a remnant left over from a skirt I made last year.

If you like these, more hexagonal pincushions are available on Folksy.

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Notice Boards

IMG_0678I’ve just made this vintage floral memoboard.  The fabric is Cath Kidston inspired and would look pretty hanging on a wall in any room.  Its very practical too and useful for displaying cards, pictures and anything that takes your fancy!



IMG_0601I made this red star noticeboard for my son’s room.  No pink or floral fabrics here!  Its used to display all his train postcards and any postcard that grandparents and aunties send him from holiday.


IMG_0533This is the cat lovers board!  I made this for my friend, who like me is cat mad.  It is made from a cat fabric background in blue and white and if you look closely, it also also has a ribbon across it with cat pegs to hold pictures and photos etc.  Needless to say she loved it!