Crinoline Lady China

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I think that I am obsessed by crinoline lady crockery.  My weekends seem to consist of visiting vintage or antique shops or even better, if a vintage fair is on that weekend.  I think it all started with my mum collecting Crinoline Lady china, generally produced by Sadlerware.  Everytime anyone went on holiday we would scour antique shops for anything resembling the pretty crinoline lady.  Over the years she amassed all sorts of items, from teapots to teacups and jam servers to cake stands.  Even now I still see the occasional piece of crockery.  The trouble is that I can’t remember what items I have!  Some treasured pieces are on display at home, but there are a few items that are stored in the loft.  I keep meaning to make an inventory, but never seem to get round to it!